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Smart enough to use magic, not smart enough to wear their pants the right way around!
This variation of Hobbe is known as the spell caster. Their genetics entwined with the mud and slime of the deep country!
Dimensions- 8cm x 5cm x 5cm 
Unpainted $40
Gold $50 
Handpainted $80
Single Acrylic box $15 Dimensions- 9.5cm x 8cm x 8cm
*unpainted colours vary * Materials Used: Photopolymer Resin
Legal Disclaimer; This is not official merchandise, but fan-created content.
All models are securely packed and shipped 1st class with tracking, A tracking number will be provided upon dispatch. Shipping times may vary depending on destination.
As this product is 3D printed, every attempt to reduce quality issues has been taken. However, due to the nature of 3D printing, some issues may still be present.
Painted by Guy.

Hobbe Spellecaster - fable monster

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